Redirect Permanent made easy

.htaccess is a very valuable file for web developers. I can not get into it’s full functionality here, but it is basically responsible for a lot of directing back and forth, making links look pretty and so on.

Today I’m only going to talk about how to redirect to another website through it, like I redirect to my facebook page through or to my google plus account through (because google plus still has these cryptic urls for users).

I didn’t come up with it, but I wrote a generator for it, which can be found here: .htaccess redirect generator. From there you can just copy and paste, upload it to your webspace and you’re done 🙂

Thanks for the idea go to flomei, which nugded me towards this with this blogpost.

# custom section for social media
RedirectPermanent /twitter
RedirectPermanent /facebook
RedirectPermanent /+


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