Running jQuery mobile themeroller on localhost

Since I’m again creating a web based app for my exam project in web development, I of course had to take another look at jQuery mobile. It’s playing along quite nicely so far and offers a lot of brilliant interface possibilites, that are easily customizable through their themeroller.

Getting your local copy of themeroller for jQuery mobile

  1. get git
  2. go to your webserver directory on the command line (probably: “cd public_html”)
  3. run “git clone¬†git://”
  4. go to http://localhost/web-jquery-mobile-theme-roller


This issue has been fixed.
Since I like to work on trains and not all of them have wifi connections here in Denmark, I wanted to download a copy of the themeroller to play with some theming on my travels. Trying to download a file, sadly crashed it and showed me the following:

Not Found The requested URL /web-jquery-mobile-theme-roller/ Warning: scandir(zips) [function.scandir]: failed to open dir: No such file or directory in /Users/username/public_html/web-jquery-mobile-theme-roller/zip.php on line 44
Warning: scandir() [function.scandir]: (errno 2): No such file or directory in /Users/username/public_html/web-jquery-mobile-theme-roller/zip.php on line 44
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /Users/hb/public_html/web-jquery-mobile-theme-roller/zip.php on line 50
./zips/ was not found on this server.

Luckily this is easy to fix, by just creating a folder called “zips” in the web-jquery-mobile-theme-roller folder. Also this can be prevented by changing the file zip.php at line 44 and simply adding:

 if(!is_dir('zips')){ mkdir('zips'); } 


 $dir = scandir('zips');

So that was basically it. I made a pull request with these three jaw dropping simple lines of php on github and am hoping for approval.

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