2. December 2012: some snow

Some snow from yesterday. I picked my girlfriend up from the train station and protected my camera and lens eagerly with one of my hats.

It was a lot of fun to both play with the flash, like on the first pictures, as also to take some up to 4 second exposures at the train station.

I can only suggest you take your camera for a walk, even if it is cold and wet outside. Just bring some lens wipes and make sure to have a UV filter on. If you don’t leave it exposed to snow or rain for too long, it’s not likely to take damage.

first_snow_odense_december_2012 (1 of 6)

This one’s on our street. Our house disappears in the shadows though.

first_snow_odense_december_2012 (2 of 6)

Our street again and either somebody was struggling with the snow on their bike, or alcohol, since it was a saturday night.

first_snow_odense_december_2012 (3 of 6)

first_snow_odense_december_2012 (4 of 6)

The guy completely ignored me, even though I took a couple of shots, but it was for the trees, not for him anyhow.

first_snow_odense_december_2012 (5 of 6)

Luckily I was under the train stations roof for the longer exposure pictures.

first_snow_odense_december_2012 (6 of 6)

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