3 quiet weeks

I have not been posting for three weeks I just realized, thanks to the speed project: time since last post, that I wrote not long ago. I’ll just quickly sum up what I’m doing and why the hell I’m not throwing posts about interesting topics right now.

Launches ahead

Of course I haven’t been hibernating entirely, but multiple projects actually are about to launch, which always is a great feeling. There will be some WordPress-related sites I can add to this portfolio soon!

Also pretty close to release is the book I’ve been talking about for quite a while now.

Update: It’s been published, take a lookt at: GitLab Repository Management!

Some launches are still far in the future, but I’ve been coding on some projects, that I really am looking forward to showing everybody. They either deal with large amounts of data or users, which is a challenge that I really want to experience!

We’ve started on our bachelor thesis too, which we will have to defend next January, so some of my writing time will flow into that throughout the next 5 months


I’ve finally begun teaching a group of about 30 pupils and it’s been a great experience so far. I met an environment with motivated and interesting co-workers and also: there’s free coffee!

The coolest thing so far though is that the educational material is gathered in a wiki for the pupils to see and for the teachers to edit, which is something that I’ve basically missed for my entire life. It’s not locked away behind some kind of crazy groupware solution, but accessible from anywhere. This was a teacher initiative, as far as I understand.


Something really amazing is how much you learn as a teacher in topics, that you’ve around for 5 or more years, you know what the most difficult questions to answer are today. You learn to boil things down to the simplest possible way to tell them in the very beginning and try to build on top of that with little bricks, that you carefully select from the tome of knowledge (in tech, mostly the internet, but in general the full set of topics).

I’ve also been learning about some cool tech stuff, as usual, specifically I’ve been digging into Backbone and Cordova a lot. I really want to blog about Backbone, once I’ve had more time to play with it! It’s a great library for structuring your frontend code and it will from this point on be a consideration if I bother to write server side views or just expose an API.

Personally I’m learning to identify what bugs me early on and to relax once in a while:

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