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I like to provoke and play with appearance, both in the digital space as also in reality. Sometimes people tell me they wish they could do the same. Sometimes they tell me, that it’s just not how the world works and that I shouldn’t have a mohawk or coloured hair or black nails.

I’ve thoughtfully stolen a quote, which made quite an impression on me:

Power resides only where men believe it resides. It’s a trick, a shadow on the wall, yet shadows can kill.

from: George R.R. Martin’s  A Clash of Kings, which most of us know as Game of Thrones.

In this context it means:

Be brave and appear as you please, if you believe that you will get hired by sane people who value what you offer for your skills and personality and not your tie.

I don’t believe the power will remain with superficial hypocrites who are averted by anything that strays from the norm.

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