A Thousand Downloads Later

Finally I got to rewriting my first WordPress plugin. Looking back it was a great experience, but due to not researching enough I wrote it after an old practice, thereby not having multiple instances of it. It could only appear once on the page.


Multiple Instances since WP 2.8

Multiple instances of widgets are very easy since WordPress 2.8 and my little Page Excerpt Widget now is re-written to support just that.

A Thousand Downloads?

Yeah! It’s a tiny project, but obviously some people need it and if only a percentage of the downloads actually are in use, it’s still a cool feeling.

It’s not the first piece of code I ever made public, but by far the most successful and one that has exceeded my usual reach. Basically that is due to the amazing built in search and install feature within WordPress, is my guess.


A Favour to Ask

If you’ve got a login at wordpress.org, please state that the plugin works with WordPress 3.5, preferably after testing it.

You can rate and state that it isn’t broken over here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/page-excerpt-widget/

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