Applab Odense April 2013 recap


The participants, many of them students from the EAL, others from Copenhagen or just volunteering enthusiasts, went on a 24h sprint with Applab.

First, introduction of toolkits, group building and idea generation tasks were on the schedule, followed by a supply of sandwiches and softdrinks.

The theme of the sprint was to utilize the information exposed by institutions within Odense, which up front were listed as possible data sources on the events page.

Data Sources featured different APIs to deliver geodata about different types of places in the city, from playgrounds to libraries.

Participants developed web app mockups with jQuery mobile, built native apps through Titanium or with Xcode for iOS and Eclipse for Android. This variety was great to see for us, because diversity and professional exchange are one of the goals of the project

As counsellors it was just our job to check up on groups progress, concepts and lend a hand if API access or other code implementations didn’t work out as planned. With @iewucizz on the visual side and @KClausendk and me as code counsellors, we hopped from group to group, trying to improve with debugging and creative input.┬áIt was some pretty cool and productive 24 hours, which I think is a great idea for learning and producing a lot of stuff fast, even if you’ve never heard of it before.

After a long night and morning of work on concept and prototype, the judges gave the winning 3 groups feedback on their apps and handed over a Nexus 7 for each group, among some other cool prizes, like a full day of work from an app dev firm called woerk!


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