Antergos-keyring is unknown trust [solved]

When I wanted to update my Arch / Antergos mac book before travelling this morning I was greeted by the following unfriendly message:

error: antergos-keyring: signature from "Antergos Build Server (Automated Package Build System) <>" is unknown trust

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Golang and the Clipboard (mdclip)

I recently wrote a couple of lines of Go again, mainly to see if I could write a cross platform clone of a two line shell script in Go (which actually makes it like 69 lines, but whatever).

So I wrote mdclip to compile a file from markdown to HTML and put it in my clipboard (so I can paste it into my WordPress editor). Now you could scroll down to the comment box and go like

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Best (dark) Visual Studio Code Syntax Themes

If you’re curious to try out Visual Studio Code, but you’re still looking for the syntax theme that looks just perfect to you, have a look at this post, maybe I’ve come across the one you’ll love (because of course I need to catch try them all!).

Visual Studio code has piled up quite the respectable collection of syntax themes so far and some surprisingly good ones ship directly with the editor.

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How to keep Soft Line Wrap at Column width Visual Studio Code and MarkDown

I’m trying Visual Studio Code at the moment and it’s a fun and fast atom alternative. One of my early annoyances was that I could not figure out how to make my MarkDown files wrap at the desired column width.

The trick apparently is to define the following settings:

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Keep Humiliating Yourself (How to become better at X)

One of the most powerful advice I’ve ever received (read on a blog) regarding programming is to scratch your own itch. Some call it dogfooding, build something you need and use it. You’ll learn much more about what you did and how you were wrong.

Learning how you were wrong 5 minutes ago, 8 hours in a row, is a good lesson in humility. I’ve witnessed people turn very frustrated, angry, at the authors of a framework or everyone else or completely lose faith in their mental abilities when those lessons were particularly hard.

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Nautilus / Nemo: Missing Image Previews on Linux [SOLVED]

A default limit to image files like .jpg, .png and similar causes Gnome Desktops not to generate image previews for them on Linux. If an image is larger than 10 MB, no preview will be displayed, but the default image icon. Here’s how to fix it:

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Image Resizing with Gulp

Writing your own tools and scripts is always a very satisfying thing. You take something that used to take a long time and then you automate it.

JavaScript task runners like gulp are a great deal of help when automating tasks with the help of a large amount of community packages for almost every purpose.

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Adsense Alternative: Infolinks

If you’re looking for alternatives to Google Adsense, you’re not the only one. Luckily there are a couple of different services out there. Some of them are shady, some of them are extremely invasive of your users experience. I’ve tried out Infolinks, read more of my experience below!

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Music Monday: In This Moment

In this Moment is for me one of the best female vocal metal bands. Maybe I should call this series: METAL Monday, but well, I’m only on a spree of 2, right?

The voice of the band is Maria Brink, may take some getting used to, but again there is no growling and not a lot of screaming. She turns the bands lyrics into powerful and energetic or melancholic tracks, backed up by hard drums and some abrupt guitar riffs. Overall some tracks are a bit more nails on the chalkboard, but a bit more easy listening and less grim than bands like the Nine Inch Nails.

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Quick Fix: Run C# Code on Linux with Mono

Running C# (or C-Sharp) on Linux is pretty trivial unless you depend on something that’s a Windows specific library. I just came a cross a tiny bash script (rather alias) I wrote when I was a teacher, since I also taught basic programming with C#. Since I’m cleaning up an old hard drive I stumbled across a small script I wrote for that.
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