2. December 2012: some snow

Some snow from yesterday. I picked my girlfriend up from the train station and protected my camera and lens eagerly with one of my hats.

It was a lot of fun to both play with the flash, like on the first pictures, as also to take some up to 4 second exposures at the train station.

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Dealing with extreme aspect ratios on pictures

Predicting user input is hard sometimes, that’s why we validate. If you design a system, that allows the user to give you very different inputs, in this case, extremely different pictures, that you still have to display in a reasonable way, it get’s a little tricky.

Designers on deviantart often upload designs, in this case web designs, as a really, really long picture, to show the best page layouts they designed for that project.

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Are you in touch with your darkest phantasies?

For about the past nine years I’ve been fascinated by the art of Luis Royo. In some of your heads words like: EMO, GOTH, FREAK, or who the fuck is Luis Royo may pop up now.

Recently I was sent the recent Lana Del Rey video Ride by my girlfriend and a couple of lines in the end got me thinking. A lot.

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There’s a grand rule not to put your school or university work in your portfolio, but I’m going to break that right now. Right now I’m working on a mobile/desktop website to track the consumption of cigarettes over at cigtrack.info. Kenneth and I are doing this for our exam at EAL:webdev.

A couple of hours have gone into it and it’s been great fun, so I just had to publish what I’ve been doing for the last two months, apart from other projects and photography.

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Blissful Afternoon part 1

Thanks to Trond and Hendrik for contributions on this one. I’m really happy with getting some more and different auditive input this way!

Here again the playlists you can recommend to: