Cold Waters Gameplay and Review

Cold Waters is a submarine simulation game that is quite realistic and challenging. If you like tumbling down rabbit holes and learning about sonars, thermal layers in the ocean, cavitation of ships propellers at different depths, this game is for you. If you love movies like Das Boot or Hunt for Red October, hit “Buy” now. The realism displayed by this game seems unmatched and it doesn’t make it any less fun.

If you don’t like keeping a mental model of every mechanic in your head, you can try turning the difficulty dial to easy, but you’ll probably be better off playing something… else. 😉

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Redlands #1: Witches in Florida

Redlands is a graphic novel that we picked up during our trip to London to see Hamilton (briefly mentioned here) we stopped by Forbidden Planet and a graphic novel caught my eye.

Redlands is something you might describe as:

If Tarantino directed True Blood, took out the clichés and Frank Miller came up with the evil characters.

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Music Monday: Storm Seeker

Storm Seeker, as many things, is somewhat of a random discovery through YouTube. It’s relatively easy (Pirate) Folk Metal and include Cello and Hurdy Gurdy in their music.

Otherwise the music is very melodic and has real party potential with fast drums and easy comprehensible lyrics that circle around the sea, pirates (obviously) and ultimatively: freedom.

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It’s a bit shit, but I like it

Sometimes I think I should really travel more and just listen to strangers conversations. When we were on top of Primrose Hill in London we listened to a couple of teenage boys talking about a… well, not super great TV show:

I’m watching Jessica Jones.
It’s a bit shit.
But I like it.

These three sentences are actually pretty good I thought, (hat tip to the original author) to me they mean that you can enjoy things you know aren’t really good. Either morally or qualitatively.

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Your Favourite Jerk

I recently was sent a tweet about popular culture, mainly:


  • Fight Club
  • Rick and Morty
  • A Clockwork Orange
  • Catcher in the Rye

and the short Tumblr post/comment thread warns anyone who knows somebody of these things to be their favourite work of fiction.

I can agree in some way, even though I don’t necessarily agree with the explanation. The works all display bad things, but since I’ve explained on this blog before, negative and aggressive emotions have their world in fiction without justification.

I had a conversation that I hopefully will never forget with someone recently where we talked about the word dystopian and where they argued it was probably en par with the word futuristic, because much of the world is taken a rather… populistic and negative turn.

The reality of this is obviously up for discussion. Much of the world is improving and the media make money on fearmongering, but for the freedom of speech or privacy we give up, there certainly are low expectations for the whole of humanity as we know it in some aspects.

To be clear about this, or to boil it down to a single quote:

I don’t think somebody who chooses a grim and dark work of fiction is fundamentally flawed or misunderstands the work as the dystopia it is.

I do think that many people are disgruntled with society and politics at large, for many reasons, often based on short-sightedness.

Which fantasy or science-fiction universe we feel most at home in, we can do little about. It is a result of our experiences and the ideals we hold close. The Expanse is a great example of believeable Sci-Fi, because it’s not clean and full of power struggle. Things are bad, because there are humans.

Not believing there is a future without war, struggle, rape and violence is very natural to me. Even though there are supernatural seeming things, I feel like this can be real a few hundred years from now.

Sin City isn’t real, but the abysses of humans displayed in it are, so it feels generally believably to me. They are extreme cases, but they do reflect reality more than people altruistically wanting to just “get along”.

That doesn’t mean I call everyone a fool who believes in happy endings, but it’s harder to believe for me. Lucky is the only word I find for my current situation, not a “natural development” how things turn out for everybody.

Every spectrum of emotion deserves expression in fiction and fantasy. The heroes die and even Frodo loses a finger while not even trying to throw the ring into the mountain.

Many of us have watched House MD and admired him for his intelligence, but not for his pain, struggle with addiction or antisocial disposition.

There will always be shadows coming with the light, if in fiction or real life. Believing everything will turn out alright, to me, is disconnected from how much you try to make things right.

Rust Nightly or Stable with Rustup and “may not be used” error

When writing one of my pet projects or rather, a very simple automation matter in Rust, I fell into many pits. Usually full of snakes (of my own lack of knowledge of rust), but this one struck me as relatively interesting.

The stable compiler does not allow you to use unstable APIs/features. You have to use the nightly release branch.

If you know node, this is probably the equivalent of having to run V8 with harmony flags.

Rustup easily enables you to install the nightly branch of rust and to use it by default:

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Perceived vs Actual Cause of Death by Aaron Penne

I came across this graphic in three parts of perceived causes of death, news site headlines and actual causes of death in comparison.

Original Reddit Post

The difference in certain areas isn’t surprising to me, for example that deaths in the media caused by terrorism gain much more attention. Even if you would run the same data on violent deaths, you’d still have a very low terrorism ratio.

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Taking Things for Granted

When people ask me how I am, the answer usually is wonderful, which doesn’t necessarily reflect the absolute truth, but it does reflect the general picture quite well.

I was lucky to build a life that went beyond of what I would have expected few years ago and certainly goes far beyond my lack of imagination while I was enduring school and studies.

Few days ago I came across a post titled I’m a “highly functional” Autistic. It takes a lot of work., which yet again showed me how many things we take for granted. To us, everything is a sliding scale and it’s only supposed to move one way. The way we desire.

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More Awesome Than Me

Things on this Blog a lot of times show things or mention things. Maybe the most telling series is the Music Mondays, because without all these wonderful people making music, I would get nothing done at all.

Some of the blog posts resulted in very long conversations with some of my peers and we had a lot of exchange how political and how ethical music is or how much it is supposed to be.

The tutorials I write are about things that are much bigger than me. Blogging about Firefox and net neutrality, cryptocurrencies it’s as big as an idea.

Tutorials about frameworks or specific software projects in general are about all the wonderful people that put their very specialised knowledge into that one thing for a while.

The only thing I’m reasonably OK at is to explain the what and the how to other people. Probably a permanent occupational hazard from having been a workshop host, teacher and having interns.

In this spirit, I will probably write more posts in the future that just point at a thing or at a person saying:

I think this is interesting, you should spend time trying to see this, on their channels.

because there are many great things I see every day of my life and a simple tweet doesn’t seem to do my appreciation much justice.

Upgrading XMR-Stak Miners for the Monero7 Protocol Update

If you’re mining Monero, you might have heard of the currency getting some bad press because several botnets pushed miners out to their clients. This is one of the reasons why the core team decided to upgrade the protocol. You can find their official statement on

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