Best (dark) Atom Editor Themes

As previously blogged about, I’m quite the fan of the atom editor, here I quickly want to introduce some of my favourite syntax themes for it.

As a UI theme, I’m still stuck on Seti, because it’s clutter free and it has some awesome icons for all the different file extensions.

Monokai Seti Syntax

This probably will be one of my all time favourites, with a very high contrast and radiant pink and green colours.

apm install monokai-seti


Gruvbox (plus) Syntax

It looks a little muddy at first, but it’s pretty well done and has great separation of colours depending on context, I can only recommend you give it a try.

Update: There is a version of this where you can select different contrast levels, check out Gruvbox Plus!



Firewatch Syntax

A little different and with slight purple background and radiant orange. My Theme at the moment, because the contrast is not as huge.

apm install firewatch-syntax


Ariake Dark Syntax

Ariake is a bit unconventional of dark blue-ish colours, but it’s quite pleasant to look at. Sometimes I miss a little more contrast, but it’s kind of the exact opposite colour scheme of Firewatch


Duotone Dark Syntax

This again isn’t going for as much as a high contrast, but primarily purple and orange. Sometimes it’s a little subtle, especially when looking a lot of business logic code.

apm install duotone-dark-syntax


Base 16 Tomorrow Dark Syntax

I remember using this in Brackets and also Vim, so it’s super nice that it’s available for Atom.

apm install base16-tomorrow-dark-theme


Gaia Dark Syntax

Gaia is a low contrast theme with brown and green tones. Give it a shot if you’re looking for something different or just want a fitting theme for a camping trip in the swamp.


Gaia Dark Syntax

Cake Syntax

A little more playful and apparrently inspired by baked goods, Cake uses a lot of warm colours and some pink and purple. If you’re looking to mix things up, this might be the theme for you 😉


Also I’ve been dabbling a little with my own very low contrast and fork of the vim nofrils theme. You can have a look here: nothrill-dark-syntax

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3 thoughts on “Best (dark) Atom Editor Themes”

  1. I’m intrigued by a lot of these, but it’s so hard for me to pull away from my usual combos of seti/dark solarized unless i need something specific i.e. ember syntax highlighting.

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