Best (dark) Visual Studio Code Syntax Themes

If you’re curious to try out Visual Studio Code, but you’re still looking for the syntax theme that looks just perfect to you, have a look at this post, maybe I’ve come across the one you’ll love (because of course I need to catch try them all!).

Visual Studio code has piled up quite the respectable collection of syntax themes so far and some surprisingly good ones ship directly with the editor.

Rainglow (100+ themes)

Update December 2017

You need to check out the Rainglow Theme Collection!


Gruvbox is one of my all time favourites, because it has a lot of detail and good contrast on the different colours. Syntax mistakes are very easy to spot.

Install with: code --install-extension saviorisdead.theme-gruvbox or search for saviorisdead.theme-gruvbox

Also available for atom.


Dracula is a new one to me, but I’ve used it for some days now and I’m not getting tired of it quickly. The purple and magenta tones make for a medium contrast on the dark grey background.

Install with: code --install-extension dracula-theme.theme-dracula or search for theme-dracula


Again an all time fave, inspired by the look of the video game by the same name and originally released for atom, it’s mainly based on medium contrast blue and orange.

Install with: code --install-extension ulthes.theme-firewatch or search for theme-firewatch


Hopscotch sticks out a little, with it’s dark-red background and red, orange and blue highlights. It may take some getting used to, but then again I recommend at least some hours with a theme to see if you like it or not.

Install with: code --install-extension idleberg.hopscotch or search for hopscotch


Compared to the others, even Solarized Dark, this theme is pretty cold and uses few shades of blue and white.

Install with: code --install-extension gerane.Theme-azure or search for gerane.Theme-azure

Monokai for Visual Studio Code

This theme actually is part of the default themes, but it’s still a good and low contrast Monokai Theme that shouldn’t be missing in any editor.

Visual Studio Dark

The default theme is actually better than expected, blacks with blue and a lot of white, very low profile, but high contrast 😉

Solarized Dark

Again built in, you know the theme, it’s a classic 😉


A lot more themes will be released with the growing popularity of Visual Studio Code I assume. What are your favourites? Do you maybe have multiple themes, depending on what you’re doing, if you’re blogging or which language you’re writing?

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