Best (light) Atom Editor Themes

This post will present the best light or bright atom editor themes I’ve found so far. Usually I pick one of the dark atom themes, but the light ones are usually a little more subtle and often relaxing to look at.

For the screenshots I used the One Light UI theme, which I also use with the light / bright themes in my everyday coding adventures.

No matter if you prefer bright background themes or if you just need to turn up your screen brightness in order to get through winter without a depression, I’ve compiled a list of some themes you might enjoy!

Kary Foundation Light


Kary Foundation Light makes good use of orange and blue for the most part and remains very readable even when you have some very condensed code blocks. For everyday use and understanding programming business logic it remains one of my favorites.

kary-foundation-light or apm install kary-foundation-light

Northem Light


Northem is a cool (color temperature wise) theme that also exists in a dark version. or apm northem-light-atom-syntax

Flatwhite (for markdown)


Flatwhite is a really cool theme because it uses the background color of elements extensively. The beige look plays well with the purple and green tones. I haven’t really adopted it for coding, but writing blog posts and documentation with it is quite nice.

The way it easily lets you distinguish between code blocks, quotes, links and headlines is just great in markdown.

For code it sometimes looks a little buggy when a string is on a line break it will color the beginning of the next line including the indentation.


flatwhite-syntax or apm install flatwhite-syntax

Github Atom Light


Github Atom Light is basically a clone of the github code snippet theme for your editor. The blue and pink tones work well with white and black and it’s a solid theme for coding all types of code.

github-atom-light-syntax or apm install github-atom-light-syntax

Duotone Light


As with many of the other duotone themes, Duotone Light relies mostly on purple and orange, which limits the colors used to fewer shades. It looks quite good, but it can be hard to distinguish between different kinds of tokens in your code at times

duotone-light-syntax or apm install duotone-light-syntax

Base 16 Tomorrow Light


Base16 Tomorrow Light is more subtle than most other themes. The bleached colours and usually low contrast make this one good for focusing on the function names that stand out quite heavily in the solid black.

base16-tomorrow-light-theme or apm install base16-tomorrow-light-theme

Github One Light


Github One Light reminds a little of the old Dreamweaver days, but makes use of more colours. It comes with Atom out of the box, so you can easily give it a shot. It’s not one of my favs on this list, but it’s still a well written theme.

What’s your theme?

Did I mention your favourite? What are you using when coding? Please let me know in the comments, also if it’s for another editor 😉

If you’re using atom, you might also want to check out my list of awesome atom editor plugins.

Thank you for reading! If you have any comments, additions or questions, please leave them in the form below! You can also tweet them at me

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3 thoughts on “Best (light) Atom Editor Themes”

  1. For me the best light theme is

    Syntax: Atom Eclipse
    UI: Atom Light.

    Syntax: Monokai Shade
    UI: Flex Monokai

    Font, Operator Mono

    Just perfect in days and night.

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