Show the diff(erence) between two files [free GUI client]

When working with code, especially with front end code, you might want to see a diff of two files. Maybe you have a build tool that’s doing something with it or just two different versions. The point is: You want to know exactly if two files are the same or just have all the differences listed. I’ll just share some of my favourite tools for that.

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Bootstrap 4 Grid only and SASS with Gulp

Bootstrap is a great CSS framework, but what if we only want to use the grid and not all the other features? You can do this if you either use the SASS or LESS version of the bootstrap framework. I’ll quickly demonstrate how you only take the necessary parts. I dug into this, because I was creating a landing page only featuring parts of the bootstrap framework to increase the page speed.
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Web Scraping / Web Crawling Pages with Node.js

This post series is going to discuss and illustrate how to write a web crawler in node.js. I’m going to write some posts on a topic that are database agnostic and the database part split up into the respective different databases you could imagine using.

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How to: Create a git Merge Conflict

Creating a git merge conflict is easier than you think. It usually naturally occurs when git doesn’t know which change to accept into a branch, while merging. Typically you want to avoid them, but for educational purposes or just to get a better understanding of them, let’s create a git merge conflict.

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Go(lang) Unit Testing for Absolute Beginners

Unit testing with Go-lang is very simple and the testing library is actually included by default. For test driven development or just for covering the functionality of your code afterwards, unit tests are pretty essential.

This article is about the smallest possible effort we can make to get started with testing. No fancy algorithms or too language specific things, just the bare minimum, so we understand what’s going on and can extend from there on.

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CigTrack defibrilated

So like the other cool kids apps, I thought my pet project deserved a proper landing page. It’s been a while since I’ve actually had time for this project, but it was just too soon to entirely drop it.

The new landing page is built with bootstrap and animatescroll, the picture is one of mine that I took ages ago. I had to tweak the grid system a little to make it work as I imagined, but it wasn’t an obstacle.


Now live on

I’m happy with it, since it appeals much more to people instead of developers and communicates the thoughts behind the project. In hindsight I should have done this as the first step of the entire process 😉

Flickr Galleries: There was a problem adding this photo to the gallery

I’ve never used flickr much, but recently I started playing around with its API. I’m using galleries, sort of a collection of photos to keep track of which photos I want to list with my site and I kept running into an error message as the following:

There was a problem adding this photo to the gallery

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CigTrack Day #6: Security and bcrypt

I’m a fan of improvisation, Duct-tape and hacking things into what you want them to do speedily and without a lot of testing. One of the areas, where I wouldn’t follow this approach is security.

Security is something many companies don’t take serious. Their servers get broken into, all their user’s data are stolen, leaked, etc. Not cool.

This is not because security is impossible, it’s because it’s just often ignored and can be expensive. Nothing is unbreakable, but in my opinion it’s worth to at least make an effort towards: hard to break. Continue reading “CigTrack Day #6: Security and bcrypt”