Best Git Tools: GitGutter – show changed lines in your editor

GitGutter is an amazing idea, that gained a lot of traction through the Sublime Text plugin created by┬áJ.D. Isaacks. The plugin lets you see which lines have been changed since the last git commit, right in your editor, while you’re coding. This is brilliant and it will prevent you from unwanted changes and make you more aware of how you’re changing code on a project that you don’t maintain alone. Continue reading “Best Git Tools: GitGutter – show changed lines in your editor”

CigTrack Day #4: Databases

For this project I chose MongoDB, which is a NO-SQL database, mainly because it fits nicely into the stack, since it’s almost the same as JSON objects inside.

I will not have to worry about merging things together and also I don’t have to worry too much about structure. Of course I can’t completely ignore it, but it’s easier to extend along the way. Continue reading “CigTrack Day #4: Databases”

CigTrack Day #3: Open Source Software

Linux and other open source software play a significant role in technology nowadays. Linux runs on most supercomputers, server systems and most smartphones (inside Android) in the world.

I also use Linux on the desktop and especially for development it’s just great. You can test in an environment that is very close to your server and there’s many great tools that are made for developers. Also Linux makes it easy to write your own tools. Continue reading “CigTrack Day #3: Open Source Software”

CigTrack Day #2: Let’s talk about money

So far I’ve set up Git repositories, but how do I get them anywhere? How do I get anyone to actually see what ever great thing I’m building? How do I get anyone as excited about the vision I have with this?
I certainly don’t really know, but there are some really great visual examples here and there.

I’m going to be brutally honest here, the only thing I’ve put up so far is this: Continue reading “CigTrack Day #2: Let’s talk about money”

Copy MarkDown HTML to Clipboard from the Terminal / Shell

I have a quite terminal based workflow. I needed a way to copy the HTML version of a MarkDown file, straight to my clipboard. I love writing in my favourite text editor and I know a lot of other people do. They don’t want to bother with browser windows and their lack of key bindings and shortcuts. Projects like GHOST certainly make things easier for people like me, but I still have a majority of my blogs running WordPress. Continue reading “Copy MarkDown HTML to Clipboard from the Terminal / Shell”

Cigtrack Day #1: Setting up Camp

Starting a new software project in somewhat professional ways is not hard nowadays. Before you write all your cool code, you should probably think of some structure or software architecture you want to use. Very popular and in the past very useful to me has been: MVC.

Actually I have been cheating a little, because I’ve been cooking my idea in my head for a while already. If I had not done that, I would need to do some research towards target group, monetization strategies and also if any laws would require a certain security standard or just plainly prevent me from doing what I do. Continue reading “Cigtrack Day #1: Setting up Camp”

CigTrack Day #0: Prequel

I get ideas sometimes. Most of them are silly and I claim they are multi-billion dollar ideas to make people around me laugh.

Some of them are actually good I am told and this one I think is good. Blogging for a minimum of 14 days, about rapid development using all the tools I love. Seeing how quickly you can make progress and build something in this world of technology to me always has been very encouraging to me. Continue reading “CigTrack Day #0: Prequel”

Speed Project: Time Since Last Post

Speed Projects are a wonderful concept, that I stumbled across through FAT (Free Art & Technology). I’ve been thinking about writing a WordPress plugin for a while to motivate myself and to show site visitors, that my blogs are active.

Turns out, it only took me 25 minutes to produce a really tiny solution, that displays a human readable time since the last blog post was published. The credit is not really with me, but with the great documentation and pre-built WordPress functions. Continue reading “Speed Project: Time Since Last Post”