Herakut: Something Better Than Perfection

The amazing street art duo herakut has created an amazing mural in Frankfurt, Germany that hit me straight in the heart. The mother with her child, both not wearing their masks is an incredibly powerful metaphor that I just needed to share. The caption “There is something better than perfection” speaks out for something I believe in: honesty. Especially when working in a high-voltage industry where everybody tries so hard, people become collateral damage of their own greed for money and achievements. Continue reading “Herakut: Something Better Than Perfection”

Best/most visual git cheat sheet

Git can have quite a learning curve. That is, as soon as you want to do something more than clone, pull or push. For these situations you either have a fantastic GUI client, but that will not cover everything either. At some point you will probably have to remember more than three commands, where this git cheat sheet comes in! Continue reading “Best/most visual git cheat sheet”

Blender Guru: rain on glass

The Blender Guru has published an amazing tutorial with photorealistic outcome again, and I quickly wanted to show what he’s been up to this time. Andrew Price is kind of the video-co pilot of the Blender community and creating some really, really beautiful things with it.

Check him out if you’re interested in using Blender, which is actively developed and also very easy possibilities of building render farms with it, when one computer simply isn’t efficient at rendering a scene.

To This Day Project

The To This Day Project is a short film over a spoken word poem by SHANE KOYCZAN, which was realised by some great contributors who gave away 20 second segments in their style.

It describes both Shane’s story as also others, many victims of bullying or mobbing surely can relate to. It shows dramatically how much intense negative situations can traumatize any individual. It honestly moved me to tears.

Continue reading “To This Day Project”

Latvian Anatomy Infographic

I know a couple of Latvians on facebook, both through my lady and also through my previous and current studies. I can’t remember how exactly I found this little facebook app, which is an interactive infographic about Latvian anatomy, but it’s both entertaining and takes on troublesome issues with a light and positive attitude. Continue reading “Latvian Anatomy Infographic”