What has been your best career choice so far?

I’m really curios, what was your best life choice career wise so far? I think I know what mine was, but I really want to know what yours is before publishing it.

Was it when you decided to go work for a specific company?

Did you learn a specific skill that helped you go where you are now the most?

Did you start a side project or business that took over and you could quit your day job?

Did you decide to switch industries at some point?

Did you adopt some kind of mindset that helped you get really far?

My own path has been kind of crooked, but full of cool surprises. I can’t wait to read your story in the comments and I’ll be sure to respond to each and every one!

Review: Problogger

I just finished reading Problogger by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett After my many years of blogging I still believe that blogging is very beneficial to my life and the indie publishing culture very good for society. When all platforms milk us dry or kick us out, blogs will prevail.

I must say it wasn’t bad and everything that is not related to technology (except WordPress and email newsletters) is still very valuable even if it was written about a decade ago.

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Concatenating / Merging .csv on the Linux or Mac OS Terminal

For data analysis .csv files with houndreds of thousands of data sets still play a role. You might think:

Hey, why worry about .csv, that’s an ancient format, nobody uses that!

Think again! CSV files, comma separated values (that also can be separated by tabs or kind of any character you want, but never mind that) are still used a lot on in data analysis as a raw input format.

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Taking Full Page Screenshots with Headless Chrome

A returning subject on this blog, how to automate device screenshots with Node.js and Chrome. This post will cover installation and running the script on either Mac OS or Linux. If you’re brave, you can use Windows too 😉

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Music Monday: Lily Allen

Lily Allen is an amazing pop artist that punches holes in societies chest when it comes to hipocrisy about gender roles, drug use, consumerism, taboos of sex life and a bunch of other important topics.

I’m simply in love with how nice and happy all her songs sound and how depressive the themes are when you pay attention to them.

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WebDesign: Scaling Images for the Viewport / Screen

When images are the content that drives your site and you want to display them as big as possible for your users, make sure to scale them appropriately. A lot of sites have images as THE content, like photography blogs or fashion and lifestyle blogs.

What I usually enjoy most is when a site doesn’t tell me how to view the images, but just makes use of the scroll in the browser, just have them in a long column. The challenge with that is that you need to scale images differently when viewed on a vertical device such as a tablet or smart phone.

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Antergos-keyring is unknown trust [solved]

When I wanted to update my Arch / Antergos mac book before travelling this morning I was greeted by the following unfriendly message:

error: antergos-keyring: signature from "Antergos Build Server (Automated Package Build System) <admin@antergos.org>" is unknown trust

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Golang and the Clipboard (mdclip)

I recently wrote a couple of lines of Go again, mainly to see if I could write a cross platform clone of a two line shell script in Go (which actually makes it like 69 lines, but whatever).

So I wrote mdclip to compile a file from markdown to HTML and put it in my clipboard (so I can paste it into my WordPress editor). Now you could scroll down to the comment box and go like

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Best (dark) Visual Studio Code Syntax Themes

If you’re curious to try out Visual Studio Code, but you’re still looking for the syntax theme that looks just perfect to you, have a look at this post, maybe I’ve come across the one you’ll love (because of course I need to catch try them all!).

Visual Studio code has piled up quite the respectable collection of syntax themes so far and some surprisingly good ones ship directly with the editor.

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