Music Monday: Storm Seeker

Storm Seeker, as many things, is somewhat of a random discovery through YouTube. It’s relatively easy (Pirate) Folk Metal and include Cello and Hurdy Gurdy in their music. Otherwise the music is very melodic and has real party potential with fast drums and easy comprehensible lyrics that circle around the sea, pirates (obviously) and ultimatively: […]

Your Favourite Jerk

I recently was sent a tweet about popular culture, mainly: HOT DAMN SOMEONE FINALLY NUTSHELLED IT — đŸŽ¶&HrNameShallBCallĂ©d:Gw1nderfulđŸŽ¶ (@Gw1Valentine) April 16, 2018   Fight Club Rick and Morty A Clockwork Orange Catcher in the Rye and the short Tumblr post/comment thread warns anyone who knows somebody of these things to be their favourite work […]

Rust Nightly or Stable with Rustup and “may not be used” error

When writing one of my pet projects or rather, a very simple automation matter in Rust, I fell into many pits. Usually full of snakes (of my own lack of knowledge of rust), but this one struck me as relatively interesting. The stable compiler does not allow you to use unstable APIs/features. You have to […]

Perceived vs Actual Cause of Death by Aaron Penne

I came across this graphic in three parts of perceived causes of death, news site headlines and actual causes of death in comparison. Original Reddit Post The difference in certain areas isn’t surprising to me, for example that deaths in the media caused by terrorism gain much more attention. Even if you would run the […]