Building a Simple Searchable API with Express (Backend)

Express is still one of the most prominent server side frameworks for node. This little guide will show you how you can build a simple API and connect it with your frontend framework of choice.

If you’re trying to build a site that features a list of items, stores, products or similar on your front page, read on. Examples of this could be sites like or the Google Play Store.

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Music Monday: Doom Soundtrack

The last weeks have been busy and I’ve been a bit under the weather with the flu (of doom). What better to listen to than the pulse driving industrial Doom soundtrack that beats you forward and is composed/engineered to transmit the strong feeling of urgency and action to the players in the first place?

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Brick by Brick

Building things is hard. That’s true for software development and a ton of other things in life. Building meaningful relationships, building a reputation, building a better world. Whatever your construction site is, building is hard.

Sometimes things come easy and that’s when we forget that things can be hard, but time will surely remind us at some point.

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Taking Screenshots with Headless, The Chrome Debuggping Protocol (CDP) and Golang

There’s multiple Go drivers to connect to the Chrome Debugging Protocol in order to either run automated tests or to take responsive screenshots of websites. Let’s explore some of the options that are available for taking screenshots and how to use them from within Go.

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Firefox has re-joined the Browser Wars

Firefox is back as a contender for the best browser, even though admittedly the criteria for that are very subjective. Some would say that having a browser that respects your privacy wins from the get-go, but a lot of users (me included) are big fans of convenience (like automatic password syncing), which Firefox can do now!

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A Mastodon Review, is it the next Twitter / Facebook by the People?

Day 1

I read about it, faintly remember that something was there, something called that, something about a protocol that anyone can implement, a bit different than diaspora, but it also has pods, just that they’re more accurately called instances.

Alright, let’s do this. I pick a random instance from their server list and automatically see an interface that looks like Hootsuite (or how it looked when I last used it).

I’m suprised by some NSFW warnings and it turns out somebody I automatically followed on signup tweets toots a lot of monochromatic porn gifs.

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Testing Coin Hive Crowd Source Monero Mining

Yesterday I found a tweet about a monetisation possibility that enables cryptocurrency mining through JavaScript. More precisely it lets you mine XMR or Monero, a cryptocurrency not unlike Bitcoin, through users of your websites. The JavaScript miner and mining pool is provided by Coin Hive.

Monero currently trades at around 88$ per XMR (the Monero currency code) and Coin Hive takes a 30% cut for everything mined through their infrastructure.

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Glass Half

Glass Half is one of the Open Blender Movies and it’s pretty cool. We saw it on the plane on the way to greece and I noticed the blender logo in the end. So I just got it together and re-watched it.

My better half and I looked at each other because we can related to the respective characters.

If we would play instruments, she’d probably play the violin, with lots of facettes and amazing tones and I’d be the guy beating a barrel with a baseball bat.

PS: Check out Blender

Stitching and Appending Images (Screenshots / Memes) Vertically with Imagemagick

Stitching or stacking images can be relevant for publishing them to some websites. Meme sites like 9gag or similar have a specific layout format for “longposts” (very long images) that are displayed without scaling and are often used as a format for webcomics or a compilation of images.

I was wondering if anyone on there was interested in photography and decided to stack some of my yet unpublished pictures of the Axel Towers in Copenhagen. Turns out nobody really cares about photography there, but hey, if you have more appropriate material, I’m sharing the imagemagick command here.

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Music Monday: Combichrist

Combichrist has been on my track list for a while, I think over the past six years on and off. Only recently I’ve watched a couple of interviews and become aware of the controversy around one of the drummers of the band. I don’t condone racist or homophobic statements what so ever.

The contents of the lyrics and music videos are quite offensive as well, but for me that’s booked under freedom of speech and expression, similar to Rammstein (see later in the post). As stated in interviews, interpreting the band should be closer to watching a horror movie and not to take it was any kind of political statue or direction.

If you’re into dark or dance themes like Rob Zombie, Rammstein or the like, give them a listen.

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