Firefox OS – The Web goes Native

A theory I share with many people is, that natively compiled code will lose many advantages and also the significance of advantages, compared to interpreted, JIT-compiled code. Here are my 800-something words on what I expect of Firefox OS and app/platform development in the future.

The kickoff in my head

I want to point some of the things out, that I was thinking about when I listened to Linux Outlaws 301. It’s a great linux podcast, that Lennart recommended to me a while ago and I’ve been keeping up to date with Fab and Dan ever since.

In their episode Fab questions why he would have a web app compared to a native app on his phone. Overall he is positive towards Mozilla’s initiative and their work on Firefox OS, but this skepticism towards web-apps struck me. Continue reading “Firefox OS – The Web goes Native”

Replace your Memory with Google Keep

Google Keep was recently announced on the Google Blog, shortly after saying they would kill Google Reader few month from now, in July 2013. I’ve since switched to Feedly, like many others.

There’s a nice hipsterish tech video that explains what Google imagines you to do with it and the design looks a little like the tiles from Windows Metro Surface/Mobile. Continue reading “Replace your Memory with Google Keep”

GitLab 5.0 released with gitlab-shell

GitLab in version 5.0 has been released and I’m looking forward to have the time to upgrade my own installation and play with my fellow node and code-heads at my academy!

The most exciting thing for me to see is how well the gitolite replacement gitlab-shell simplifies installation and boosts the whole project.

Update 19. 05. 2013:
I'm writing a book on git and GitLab, read more here: Writing a book on GitLab

Update: It’s been published, take a lookt at: GitLab Repository Management!

A mad hatter


I like to provoke and play with appearance, both in the digital space as also in reality. Sometimes people tell me they wish they could do the same. Sometimes they tell me, that it’s just not how the world works and that I shouldn’t have a mohawk or coloured hair or black nails.

I’ve thoughtfully stolen a quote, which made quite an impression on me:

Power resides only where men believe it resides. It’s a trick, a shadow on the wall, yet shadows can kill.

from: George R.R. Martin’s  A Clash of Kings, which most of us know as Game of Thrones.

In this context it means:

Be brave and appear as you please, if you believe that you will get hired by sane people who value what you offer for your skills and personality and not your tie.

I don’t believe the power will remain with superficial hypocrites who are averted by anything that strays from the norm.

Testing the Twenty Thirteen Theme

I found this really neat and two-line solution how you can try out the new default theme for the next major release of WordPress now already:
Quick Tip: How to Install Twenty Thirteen on Your WordPress Site on

You can either use Sourcetree, as they recommend or install svn via homebrew or get a binary package from the svn website.

I’ve activated the theme at the WordPress Network Installation I enabled for my university and have not found any crazy bugs yet, so it seems pretty safe to use. Continue reading “Testing the Twenty Thirteen Theme”

node.js forever on the raspberry

Running node.js as a testing environment, including forever, before I push any projects to one of my servers, seemed like a very good idea. Yesterday I found out that if you try to run forever with the nodejs package from the apt repository in raspbian wheezy, you’re gonna have a bad time: Continue reading “node.js forever on the raspberry” releases PHP course has just started releasing a PHP course to their track and progress based code learning system.

Right now only the Welcome to PHP! chapter is available, but more are listed and flagged as planned. Also a call for collaboration is included, since you can actually write the course.

Continue reading “ releases PHP course”

To This Day Project

The To This Day Project is a short film over a spoken word poem by SHANE KOYCZAN, which was realised by some great contributors who gave away 20 second segments in their style.

It describes both Shane’s story as also others, many victims of bullying or mobbing surely can relate to. It shows dramatically how much intense negative situations can traumatize any individual. It honestly moved me to tears.

Continue reading “To This Day Project”