Anything > Nothing

I’m not always doing great. In fact, I often fail at things. I sometimes fail at meeting deadlines, more often in my studies than on my jobs though.

We can’t always give a 100% at everything and we have to distribute our energies in some way so we don’t burn ourselves out. Some always tell me I shouldn’t attempt to accomplish as much in the first place, which I should probably get better at. Continue reading “Anything > Nothing”

Building Relations: On Giving Credit

Giving credit where it is due and to the people that deserve it is an art of giving back and I find it very rewarding. When I enjoy working on a project I want to express my gratitude to the people I worked with and to recommend my peers to the rest of the world!

Since I often work with models, photographers, make up artists, graphic designers or other programmers, I’ve learned a thing or two about giving them some credit, sometimes by contract, but mostly out of common sense.

In this post I’d like to quickly sum up how I credit and promote people I work with and explain why I think it’s a good idea.

TLDR;: Link, mention and thank anyone you enjoy working with. Continue reading “Building Relations: On Giving Credit”

There is no place like ::1 || $yourdomain

Geeks, Nerds, Bloggers, Developers and Hackers have something in common that was torn open and made available to the rest of the population by social networks.

We have a global community, because the people we can talk to about we love in our physical surroundings is limited. The internet became our home. No matter if you’re a sysadmin and you know that ::1 is your local host in IPv6 or if you put energy in publishing on your blog or news site every day, you probably have spent a fair amount of your lifetime on IRC or forums in your niche. Continue reading “There is no place like ::1 || $yourdomain”

Why Shells are Awesome

I’m a developer, I think shells are awesome. When I was in ninth grade I took a class in typing with the 10-finger system, which was a full year of typing dull things into an incredibly old DOS interface.
I took these classes, because I had a couple of those Linux magazines and the authors occasionally brought up how much faster things were if you just could use your keyboard, instead of your mouse. My problem was, that I couldn’t type perfectly without looking at the keyboard. Continue reading “Why Shells are Awesome”

Firefox OS – The Web goes Native

A theory I share with many people is, that natively compiled code will lose many advantages and also the significance of advantages, compared to interpreted, JIT-compiled code. Here are my 800-something words on what I expect of Firefox OS and app/platform development in the future.

The kickoff in my head

I want to point some of the things out, that I was thinking about when I listened to Linux Outlaws 301. It’s a great linux podcast, that Lennart recommended to me a while ago and I’ve been keeping up to date with Fab and Dan ever since.

In their episode Fab questions why he would have a web app compared to a native app on his phone. Overall he is positive towards Mozilla’s initiative and their work on Firefox OS, but this skepticism towards web-apps struck me. Continue reading “Firefox OS – The Web goes Native”

A mad hatter


I like to provoke and play with appearance, both in the digital space as also in reality. Sometimes people tell me they wish they could do the same. Sometimes they tell me, that it’s just not how the world works and that I shouldn’t have a mohawk or coloured hair or black nails.

I’ve thoughtfully stolen a quote, which made quite an impression on me:

Power resides only where men believe it resides. It’s a trick, a shadow on the wall, yet shadows can kill.

from: George R.R. Martin’s  A Clash of Kings, which most of us know as Game of Thrones.

In this context it means:

Be brave and appear as you please, if you believe that you will get hired by sane people who value what you offer for your skills and personality and not your tie.

I don’t believe the power will remain with superficial hypocrites who are averted by anything that strays from the norm.