Rock Fashion 2015

I got the honor of making the video capture of the ROCK FASHION event at Kolding Storcenter this year.

The mall is hosting an annual event where the stores pick out some outfits for the 100+ models, that then go on a catwalk through the corridors of the mall. Artists on stage included: PAGE FOUR, Daniel Schulz, Brandon Beal, Vild $mith, Kaka and USO.

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Video Productions 2012

Excerpts from video productions I’ve been on in 2012:

Let’s call it a day: Drawing and Ducks from Jonathan M. Hethey on Vimeo.

my part: idea, shoot and edit

Sencha Touch 2 Launch from Sencha on Vimeo.

my part: technical assistance (DSLR, magic lantern), minor B-roll contributions, on set tasks

Sencha Architect 2 Launch from Sencha on Vimeo.

my part: product shot selection and timing advisory, on set tasks