CigTrack Day #0: Prequel

I get ideas sometimes. Most of them are silly and I claim they are multi-billion dollar ideas to make people around me laugh.

Some of them are actually good I am told and this one I think is good. Blogging for a minimum of 14 days, about rapid development using all the tools I love. Seeing how quickly you can make progress and build something in this world of technology to me always has been very encouraging to me.


On The Shoulders of Giants

With eco-systems like the JavaScript or Ruby world, there are so many building blocks already and we’re standing on the shoulders of giants. So much of the not-so much fun work like writing parsers for all our markup, the templating engines and the crazy cryptographic parts are done and there, just waiting for somebody to do something practical, beautiful or creative with them.

Code & Blog

I want a cigarette tracking app that is free to use and for me, fun to build. I will reveal more details along the way 😉

Also I want to capture how easy it is to roll your own app, how big the advantages are nowadays, how much we get through the open source scene.

I want to share code, workflows, deployment strategies and much more. I can do all that because this project will be mine and I don’t have to worry about keeping other folks secrets.

Full JavaScript Stack?

Yes. I know what I’m going to use already, partly because I really want to play with some of the things, partly because I have some experience with them. In the series of posts for CigTrack, you will read more about:

Pretty MEAN stack, huh? ;). Last, but not least I will use Cordova for packaging

Also, as I’ve announced previously, I’m running another blog at, which is a JavaScript news and tutorial blog in German, which hopefully will benefit from some of the things I learn.

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