CigTrack Day #7: 7 days work


Okay, honestly, it wasn’t 7 full work days, but I’ve done some work on the project every day now. I’ll start out with some numbers and describe new things I’ve learned. I know I could have gotten further with this, but hey, I will get there!


  • 943 lines added to code repositories: (421 on the backend repository, 522 on the frontend/angular repository)
  • 19386 characters blogged in the CigTrack series
  • 36.31 € spent
  • 5 hits on (haha :D)
  • 3 answers on my tiny survey

Sad numbers for now, but I haven’t exactly advertised it yet, since there is nothing to see or sign up for.

Status of App and Backend

Nothing is done. A couple of things work though, like requiring an API key with correct login information, basic database structure for users through mongoose.js in Mongodb, compiling and deploying the app through cordova and saving smokes locally with a timestamp and an annotation if it’s synced or not.


Visually the app is not noteworthy yet, but it indicates how i’s going to work.

The backend is currently not deployed to the server and running locally on my development machine.

Cool Things Learned

I’ve gained more experience with all of the little bricks used, but actually there is something I’ve never done before.

Just today I learned how to sign and zipalign an Android package file, to then upload it to the Play Store. It’s not downloadable yet, but it gets verified by Google and shows which devices the build is compatible with in theory.



It’s been a fun week and I’m not that disappointed with the amount of things I got done. From now on I will be blogging about this 2 or 3 times a week and not every day, because from here on out, many things will be on my daily schedule that are not necessarily new to me or noteworthy.

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