Codefund: Ethical Google Adsense Alternative?

In this article I’ll have a look at Codefund, which is an online advertising platform specifically targeted at the tech sector. So if you’re looking to monetize your tech blog, the documentation of you open source project or similar, this might be a possibly solution for you.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid promotion, but it does contain referral links.

Update 2020-07-06: Codefund is shutting down.

The time has come for us to shut down CodeFund. As many others, we were unable to survive the economic downturn.

back in 2017, our goal was to create an ethical path for open source projects to generate funds. Since then, we have paid out over $670,000 to developers

The Codefund signup seems to be a manual vetting process and the minimum requirement is that your website does “something with tech” and has at least 5000 monthly unique visitors.

I got a nice welcome email just few hours after I filled in my site URL into the signup form.

The setup is a bit of JavaScript and a target HTML element with a specific ID, there also doesn’t not seem to be a delay beyond the 15 minutes in which the hit/click data is refreshed.

Their support is basically their founder just being super nice in emails, which is something very very different from different advertising platforms, in a good way.

Currently the earnings are about 1$ for ~1000 impressions, obviously that’s not 1000 hits since ad blockers are very popular, mostly for good reasons. Also depending on how offensively you place the ad snippet, your click ratios will vary.

Ethical Ads and Transparency

Since Codefund targets both advertisers and publishers in technology, the ads are usually for technology related products and services.

The monthly report email outlines the profiles, amount of ads shown, ratio of advertiser ads vs ads for Codefund itself and so on.

For developers and general tech blogs or frequently visited documentations of software projects it seems like a great alternative to other ad services like Google AdSense.

Payout and Summary

The payout process is simple, you just have to provide your PayPal email address and a few days after the end of a month, your ad revenue will be transferred.

Overall I can only recommend that you give this one a shot. It’s a niche service, but it’s some relevant advertising within its niche and you’re not feeding a big and universal marketing machine in the process.

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2 thoughts on “Codefund: Ethical Google Adsense Alternative?”

    1. Yes but it’s not a good idea.
      CodeFund is ethical ads with no tracking or cookies. Google AdSense is the total opposite of that. CodeFund was made to combat the Google AdSense crisis – 70% of sites now have Google AdSense, including most major sites, such as email, email, and many more.

      CodeFund funds developers and tech publishers ethically, such as,, and

      CodeFund ads do not display at out-of-office hours, ie before 9 AM and after 5 PM. They advise you to use alongise codefund since both are ethical. is also very good (they own and run carbon ads).

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