Collaborative Playlists with Spotify

I’m a late adopter on this one, but I’ve decided to try Spotify for a month and to try as much of its functionality as possible.

That’s why I want to curate some series of playlists and kind of create my own samplers, which is why

I want you to recommend tracks for me on Spotify

in the following categories:

Don’t be shy!
Just put all the tracks on these playlists, you think could fit the categories, I’ll listen to it and add it to the respective playlists like the already begun:

and when they reach 45 minutes, I’ll fire up the next part. This way it remains in┬ádigestible┬ápieces, instead of bloating into a 24h playlist.

What’s been keeping me from Spotify

Well, most of the German bands I value are not in it or only poorly represented with few tracks or albums, sometimes probably because of only certain labels collaborating.

Secondly, but none the less disturbing is, that it’s like iTunes and not actually saving files, but some DRM crippled blob with music in it. That means, that I have to use the Spotify app to listen to it. Sucky for people who have some understanding of digital freedom.

What’s great about Spotify

They make listening to streamed music easy and affordable. On the social side of things, they are showing you what your facebook friends are listening to, so it’s easy to discover new artists.

Remix Culture and DRM

It’s a compromise and it’s one of the companies that does some stuff pretty well, which is why I want to get into the more social aspect of this and share with everybody who wants some. My expectation is, that I’ll discover some coll stuff and maybe make a few people listen to tracks they didn’t know before.

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