Copenhagen Pride 2016 Photos

Yesterday we were at the Copenhagen Pride, a huge event that celebrates the diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity. If you know the Christopher Street Day, it’s kinda like that.


It was really really awesome how many happy people there were on the way from Frederiksberg to the Copenhagen Town Hall.

It was absolutely wonderful and I constantly had the need to smile at people to say:

Yes, we know you’ve been made fun of or rejected half of your life. We’re happy you’re here, we want you as part of our society.

You deserve this day of celebration so so much.

So many people smiled at the camera and posed, one of the best event photo experiences ever. Thank you all!

If you want to see more of the day, check out Judith’s shots too!

copenhagen-pride-2016-01Rainbow superman

copenhagen-pride-2016-02 copenhagen-pride-2016-03 copenhagen-pride-2016-04

The pastors blowing kisses to the parade


The elderly neighbors waving rainbow flags


Joker, Harley and Ivy


The american ambassador in Copenhagen with husband

copenhagen-pride-2016-08 copenhagen-pride-2016-09

This guy rocked the flag so hard 😀


She smiled back a second later, don’t worry 😉

copenhagen-pride-2016-11 copenhagen-pride-2016-12 copenhagen-pride-2016-13 copenhagen-pride-2016-14 copenhagen-pride-2016-15 copenhagen-pride-2016-16 copenhagen-pride-2016-17 copenhagen-pride-2016-18 copenhagen-pride-2016-19 copenhagen-pride-2016-20 copenhagen-pride-2016-21 copenhagen-pride-2016-22 copenhagen-pride-2016-23 copenhagen-pride-2016-24 copenhagen-pride-2016-25 copenhagen-pride-2016-26 copenhagen-pride-2016-27 copenhagen-pride-2016-28 copenhagen-pride-2016-29

#ServerWithPride, representatives from the danish military

copenhagen-pride-2016-30 copenhagen-pride-2016-31

Police officers and paramedics

copenhagen-pride-2016-32 copenhagen-pride-2016-33 copenhagen-pride-2016-34 copenhagen-pride-2016-35 copenhagen-pride-2016-36 copenhagen-pride-2016-37 copenhagen-pride-2016-38 copenhagen-pride-2016-39

Kids as part of the parade

copenhagen-pride-2016-40 copenhagen-pride-2016-41 copenhagen-pride-2016-42 copenhagen-pride-2016-43

Jeep was the sponsor for this one


Greetings to Mie and her mate!

copenhagen-pride-2016-45 copenhagen-pride-2016-46 copenhagen-pride-2016-47

She was really great at even dancing while hula hooping!

copenhagen-pride-2016-48 copenhagen-pride-2016-49

A shot for everybody who thinks nipples are dangerous and should not be shown in public.

Hen is the proposition for a language neutral pronoun in scandinavia.


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