Distortion Copenhagen 2016 – Nørrebro / Wednesday

We were at Distortion in Copenhagen last Wednesday. It’s basically a huge street party, bundled with lots of small concerts, the consumption of beer and other (mostly soft) drugs and a LOT of people.

The party moved over the week through different parts of the city and ended at a festival with an entrance fee. Most of the people in the street were friendly, happy and partying too, but it wasn’t quite the same feeling as at a real festival. People were a little more suspicious and selfish.

In general it was a nice experience, also because people were posing for us or just didn’t really mind people with cameras being around.

Judith got a bunch of really really cool close up photos, so check them out on her blog too.



One of the few live bands

distortion-copenhagen-noerrebro-03 distortion-copenhagen-noerrebro-04

Really cool parenting with the noise cancelling headphones

distortion-copenhagen-noerrebro-05 distortion-copenhagen-noerrebro-06 distortion-copenhagen-noerrebro-07 distortion-copenhagen-noerrebro-08 distortion-copenhagen-noerrebro-09

Was about to jump to, they played RATM


Two young women held the rope, strangers did the Limbo

distortion-copenhagen-noerrebro-11 distortion-copenhagen-noerrebro-12 distortion-copenhagen-noerrebro-13 distortion-copenhagen-noerrebro-14

Apparently I’m not the only one who likes climbing stuff


distortion-copenhagen-noerrebro-16 distortion-copenhagen-noerrebro-17

The weather was great, lots of small stalls were selling water bottles to make it a little easier for people to not dehydrate 😉distortion-copenhagen-noerrebro-18 distortion-copenhagen-noerrebro-19

Only the trash that couldn’t be returned for cash, like bottles and cans, was left behind.

A bigger stage in the evening


Metro on the way home.

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