I’m aiming to automate things I don’t want to do. Reinstalling my operating system is one of them. Now I have Dogmeat. (like the Fallout 4 companion dog)

It all started when I had to say goodbye to my old work computer and had to use my old private laptop again, I had to install a recent Linux Mint on it.

Then my boot sector on my computer at home broke (for whatever reason, insert anti-UEFI rant here) and I had to install Linux Mint. I started writing down what packages I was installing this time.

Then I got a new computer at my new job so guess what? I had to install Linux Mint.

Now I have a couple of text files and two bash scripts, called Dogmeat that will prevent me from typing a lot of things each time this happens!

To a more automated future!

Now I just have to remember to actually add important packages when I install them.

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