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That’s why, this friday, I want to feature a WordPress plugin that puts the featured image into your RSS feed, which it is not by default. It escapes me why that isn’t a default by the way.

Check out Featured Image in RSS Feed!

With the featured image in WordPress we have a great way of placing our images in the visual layout of the design, but we should also think of the other sources our page is consumed from, like RSS readers like bloglovin or feedly. They tend to go to your page and grab an image they can find, but it’s not always the one you intend to show 😉

I know for a fact that I have some followers on bloglovin, feedly and other RSS readers, especially self-hosted, are a little harder to track.


Especially when you’re only emitting excerpts through the RSS feed, you have an increased interest that your readers actually click the link and visit the full article, so an image is just increasing the incentive and attention your post will get.

Some mechanics in feed readers also encourage an image in the post, because it fits well with their layout and actually gives the post more space in the list of posts that are displayed to their users.

This plugin is definitely a must have for bloggers who include pictures in their posts, so go check it out to make your readers a little happier and gain more control over which picture is shown in feedreaders.

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    This is prabhu. i’m a web developer. i like working with wordpress. RSS feed is one of the important feature in wordpress. your article about featured image in RSS feed wordpress is quite interesting and it is easy for the people to understand.

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