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Focussing your tags on social media channels is important if you want to increase your impact within a certain target group. In this post I want to take a look at the difference in some of the tags I browse on Instagram once in a while. This can help you build a certain audience and how you treat your individual pieces of content published. Tags let us connect content by us and others on many social media platforms.

How specific are your tags?

When tagging a piece of content, no matter if picture or others, it’s a lot about finding the balance between amount and quality of tags. Depending on the content you share this can boost your impact significantly, but it’s a really bad idea to flood the streams of tags that basically have nothing to do with what you’re sharing.

A good example for this is #WordPress on instagram, for me, this tag is nearly unusable, because it doesn’t display a lot of content valuable to me. It doesn’t mainly show people developing for and with WordPress, but a lot of posts that are published on a WordPress blog or on


A good example on the other hand, in terms of how specific the content is, is one of my favourite development environments: node.js.

A quick look at the pictures published with that tag show very closely related pictures, that have a narrow target group and forms a niche that is easy to penetrate, even though it doesn’t have a lot of potential viewers.


Find your mix

Depending on how deep and complex your content is, you should tag accordingly. Tagging too many keywords that are not closely related enough will annoy viewers, tagging too few will rob you of exposure.

My take on this is: The more unambigous and easy a content is, the more you should tag it, because viewers that are not part of your usual audience that you focus on, might be interested in it.

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