The Fortnite 101 Beginner Guide

This guide is for Fortnite beginners, the recent free to play, Battle Royale, 100 people land on an island and get to… well, slaughter each other. Sounds familiar? Like… Player Unknowns Battlegrounds? It's literally the same game, except you have no cars, everything looks like a comic and you can build your own buildings. Minecraft Unknown basically.

If you, like me, prefer to play with your friends, this guide is for you. Or for them. If you want to prevent them from playing badly and dying all the time.

There are a couple of very easy things you can do in Fortnite to at least survive longer than all the impatient lunatics jumping off at the Titlted Towers every round.

Communication is King

  1. get a headset with a microphone
  2. bind it to a convenient push to talk button
  3. listen and talk to your team mates

Location, Location, Location

  1. pay attention to pins on the map (TAB) and coordinate with your team
  2. jump to the same location as your team
  3. jump to a place with plenty of loot, but away from everybody
  4. jump to a crowded area, but all to the same building
  5. move carefully from town to town or cover to cover

Weapons of BOOMDOOM

  1. go for a good mix, keep rifle for medium range, a shotgun for close combat
  2. rocket launchers are awesome for taking down player buildings
  3. sniper rifles fire slow rounds that hit hard
  4. give your team mates ammo they need

Remember, the rarity and how much damge guns do is like this, best to worst:

  1. ORANGE (Legendary)
  2. PURPLE (Epic)
  3. BLUE (Rare)
  4. GREEN (Uncommon)
  5. White (Common)

Shields and other Drugs

  1. take small shields first, if possible WAIT with taking a found big shield potion
  2. bandages and small shields can be applied quickly, but don't fill the bar fully, use them when fighting the enemy
  3. large shield potions, medi kits and chug jugs take a long time to apply, use them when you know you're alone

Don't try to be Clever

Beyond traps and not making too much noise, you can't really be too clever in this game. It's a shooter game after all. Shoot other people in the face before they do the same to you. If you can't aim, engage in combat frequently and git gud practise.

Bonus: Be the Bush

Being the bush is one of the best things in the game as long as you're moving through nature terrain. You are virtually invisible, because the bush is rare and it kind of obstructs your own vision a bit. While aiming with RMB it gets out of the way though.

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