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I’ve previously mentioned, that I installed GitLab 5.0 and it’s been pretty cool since. Today I just want to write about what I use git for in my everyday life.

If you want a quick recap of what git is, visit their official site or read my previous post Why you should start using git now

What I’ve been doing so far

About 1.5-2 years ago I started getting into git, because I wanted to take part in developing software smartly, in teams and take part in global open source projects.

I keep my WordPress plugins on github, parallel to the WordPress plugin repository and a couple of months ago I started fixing minor mistakes in other projects.

Update 19. 05. 2013:
I'm writing a book on git and GitLab, read more here: Writing a book on GitLab

Update: It’s been published, take a lookt at: GitLab Repository Management!

github is a great entry point


The folks at github have done an amazing job at making git simple for the masses. They have extensive documentation and a not very feature rich, but easy to use client for Linux and Mac.

What I do now

Since I’ve taken the private server in use, parallel to my open source projects on github, I’ve put a lot more stuff into git repos and actually published them to a team.

Open Source? -> github

Material for workshops goes on my github account by default, visible to everyone. It’s extremely practical when teaching. You can just make people download a .zip and have them play with the prepared code. I’ve done this for the WordPress workshop and Eriks chipped in with a repository too.

on the private git(lab) server

Study and exam projects, simple tech demos for fellow students who are interested in the same topics and closed projects go into the private repositories.

Study Projects


(at the moment my favourite client is GitX, because it allows me to ignore unstaged files when I want to push other commits)

Since I’ve successfully infected @KClausenDK with markdown, we write our study projects in it, so we started tracking those with git too.

Currently we have to convert everything in the end, because of outdated and boring academical requirements like footnotes, print versions, etc.

Groups and Teams

GitLab has two meaningful ways to share repositories among developers, except just inviting another user to one of yours.


Teams just represent a group of people, in control of one git repository.



Groups are way cooler, because they represent a group of people, in charge of multiple repositories, that are collected in a namespace. That looks like: and shows a list of recent activity by all developers and a list of repositories at the side.


It’s very liberating to be able to fire up as many repositories as you want, featuring an idiot proof web interface and share it with people of your choice. Also that these can manage their own ssh-keys, which takes manual work off the server admin.

If you want to try out my gitlab server, take a look at our humble first steps with node.js or have a question, drop me a comment, mail, tweet or message.

Thank you for reading! If you have any comments, additions or questions, please leave them in the form below! You can also tweet them at me

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