GitKraken – Git GUI client with Linux support


For about a month now I’ve been using GitKraken every day, which has entered public beta some weeks ago.

It’s quite a neat GUI client for git, making all kinds of tasks nicer to perform and the best thing: It’s really cross platform and available for Linux, my operating system of choice.

Technically at the bottom, it’s based on [electron][], so it’s running a Chromium browser and does all of it’s magic inside that, which makes it very platform independent.

At this point I’ve read a bit about how Axosoft started making this and I must say, the blog posts are a real pleasure to read, because it basically started out as an experiment. I can only recommend you check out the Axosoft Blog Posts about GitKraken

In the end it’s not as feature rich as SourceTree, but it’s working quite well and to me it’s a lot more simple to use, because it behaves very consistently of where it’s showing info.

I can only suggest you give the client a try, I still haven’t heard how much the final release is going to cost, but I’m looking forward to see where they’ll take this 🙂

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