How to try React Fiber with Create React App

React Fiber is almost ready and it brings some exciting performance improvements to the famous JavaScript framework by facebook.

If you want to set up a quick demo project with React Fiber you can use the create-react-app way and simply:

npm -g install create-react-app
create-react-app fiber-test
cd fiber-test
npm run eject
npm install react@next react-dom@next
npm run dev

Which will install react @ 16.0.1a3 at the time of writing

If you want to try out react-fiber in an existing project simply use:

npm install react@next react-dom@next

Be cautious of bugs, although the cool big chart says, we’re almost all good/green to go. 😉

If you want to know more about fiber, I suggest you watch the video below, it’s kind of awesome and talks about scheduled/bulk DOM updates.

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