Ingress in Odense, Denmark


Ingress is an augmented reality game where you actually have to get off the couch and walk around your city to capture portals. The game is developed by Google and of course they’ll grab all your data, where you are and so on and so forth, moving on: it’s really fun. It’s plainly a social, geolocation based team game to dominate points of interest.


First Impressions of Ingress

I was lucky enough to infect two of my fellow interns with it, Dennis and Kenneth, so we could explore and experiment together. Yesterday I met some of the highest leveled and most active players in Odense that were kind enough to teach Dennis and me a couple of tricks and take down some enemy portals for us. Thank you @clund, @mutten and @DakRalter!


The background story is that the game-essential portals are emitting mysterious XM and it’s all very much dressed up like spy game, where you become an agent for one of the two sides. I actually enjoyed the media items acquired so far, that point to bits and pieces of the big picture, mostly in short video clips.

Play with us, join Enlightened

The players at some point have to pick a side, resistance or enlightened. I picked enlightened, simply because they were outnumbered here in Odense. From the other players I learned that the nick names for enlightened is frogs and smurfs for the resistance, colour wise that makes sense and is kinda cute, especially in danish.

If you plan to join the resistance, good luck. We’ll drop some XMP Bursters all over your stuff! 😀

Googles Masterplan

Field Trip is your guide to the cool, hidden, and unique things in the world around you.

If you’re wondering, what would Google do with all these data? It’s quite simple, if you look at another app by the same developer that is called Field Trip, that shows points of interest, it’s basically crowd sourcing interesting spots in cities and adding to Googles immense data pool. Google had all the map material in the first place through Google Maps, so all they had to do is to invert the colours and add animations and some game mechanics. On top of that they get movement profiles of every player. Not bad for one of the most data hungry companies in the world.

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