Installing GitLab 5.0

In the past couple of hours I’ve completed to install GitLab in version 5. It was quite a journey through the install instructions, the trouble shooting guide and at last numerous threads on the google group and stackoverflow.

As I promised earlier, I’ll tell a little more about this very interesting project now.

The error I’ve beat my head into a little, while trying to git push -u -v origin master was the following:

Update 19. 05. 2013:
I'm writing a book on git and GitLab, read more here: Writing a book on GitLab

Update: It’s been published, take a lookt at: GitLab Repository Management!

fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

Great, this can mean a lot of things. It turns out that I first ran into some redis issues, which quickly can be fixed through debian backports.

After a lot of testing around, I finally found that the file /home/git/.ssh/authorized_keys had 4 identical keys in it.

Removing the file and re adding my ssh-key in the web interface fixed the problem for me. I now can push to my repositories.

If you run into any issues while installing GitLab 5.0, make sure to check all discussions going on, because there probably is a solution out there.

The solution that worked for me, has been added to the google group as well.

A fresh start with gitlab-shell

It’s a leap forward for the project, but sure some things should still be ironed out.

Currently there’s ~470 open issues on the gitlab and gitlab-shell repositories on github, but it’s also right after a major release.

Improvements that are on my wish list are certainly better error handling, easier installation and more logging on gitlab-shell.

Do you want to git with me?

I’m currently looking for people to try out most bat shit crazy use cases of git. I’m mainly working with either WordPress or node.js related stuff, so if you want to just try out git and write some code back and forth, get in touch!

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