Music Monday: In This Moment

In this Moment is for me one of the best female vocal metal bands. Maybe I should call this series: METAL Monday, but well, I’m only on a spree of 2, right?

The voice of the band is Maria Brink, may take some getting used to, but again there is no growling and not a lot of screaming. She turns the bands lyrics into powerful and energetic or melancholic tracks, backed up by hard drums and some abrupt guitar riffs. Overall some tracks are a bit more nails on the chalkboard, but a bit more easy listening and less grim than bands like the Nine Inch Nails.

Overall the music is pretty similar to Marilyn Manson and if you want to know more about the stories behind some of the tracks, here’s even a track commentary for the live album that was recorded in 2014, Blood.

The themes of the songs often go into extremes and are pretty explicit (like the music videos by the way), it’s kind of all about flaming desire and every dirty, but pretty (which is one of the song titles).

A good example for the style of the catchy lyrics and energetic music would be the war themed song Comanche:

I feel the pressure is building in me
My stomach’s sick, it’s getting harder to breathe
I hear the screaming, I feel the disease
There’s blood in the air, and there is death on the breeze

Will you come with me?
Will you stand with me?
Would you follow me?
Would you believe with me?
Tell me you’ll bleed with me
Tell me you’ll die with me

Also lust and pleasure are recurring themes in the songs, as in Adrenalize:

I must confess,
I’m addicted to this
Shove your kiss straight through my chest
I can’t deny, I’d die without this
Make me feel like a God
Music, love and sex
(Adrenalize me)
I crave excess,
Turning wine into sweat dripping down my neck
I can’t deny, I’d die without this
Make me feel like a God
Adrenaline and sex

One other really cool song, that actually combats and opposes slut shaming pretty well is Whore, which has a fantatsic and noir style music video. If you now want to ask how I can find this feministic, just accept that women can look and dress how they like and that they are not doing it for a man’s approval.

I can be your whore
I am the dirt you created
I am your sinner
And your whore
But let me tell you something baby
You love me for everything you hate me for
I’m the one that you need and fear
Now that you’re hooked, it’s all becoming clear
That all your judgments that you placed on me
Was a reflection of discovery
So maybe next time when you cast your stones
From the shadows of the dark unknown
You will crawl up from your hiding place
Take a look in the mirror
See the truth in your face

All in all, this is probably one of the bands I want to see live in my life and they make amazing music for my commute or writing code. If you have an auditive hour of your life, check out the album Blood and let me know what you think. Hope they’ll visit the EU at some point so I can hear Maria Brinks goosebump inducing voice live 😉

Check out their website or Spotify and give them a listen, cool stuff!

Do you have any bands you’d want to recommend by the way? Let me know on twitter or in the comments!

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