Music Monday: Storm Seeker

Storm Seeker, as many things, is somewhat of a random discovery through YouTube. It’s relatively easy (Pirate) Folk Metal and include Cello and Hurdy Gurdy in their music.

Otherwise the music is very melodic and has real party potential with fast drums and easy comprehensible lyrics that circle around the sea, pirates (obviously) and ultimatively: freedom.

The lovely sweet smell of liberty
lies in the winds they tell
Over the waves and the storms we fly
with a barrel of grog, now drink
Merciless we kill or die
no second life no second try
Merciless we kill or die

Storm Seeker – Side By Side

All burdens I will leave ashore
To find what I’ve been longing for
Don‘t tell anyone
That this night I’ll be gone
Greeting the eternal blue
Right at the break of dawn
Sailing t‘wards the unknown
With my crew on the sea
And the day that I return
A hero I shall be

Storm Seeker – The Longing

Since the band is relatively fresh, they’ve only released one EP so far: Pirate Scum, which has a few consistent and always uplifting tracks. They sound a bit younger, but otherwise they do sound a bit like Alestorm at times.

They’re currently on tour, so check them out on their official website or on YouTube.

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