Anything > Nothing

I'm not always doing great. In fact, I often fail at things. I sometimes fail at meeting deadlines, more often in my studies than on my jobs though.

We can't always give a 100% at everything and we have to distribute our energies in some way so we don't burn ourselves out. Some always tell me I shouldn't attempt to accomplish as much in the first place, which I should probably get better at.

In the last few months I've tried a lot of new things. My first very own app is still not published yet and needs a serious re-work due to fantastic new versions of Angular.js and Express.js, which I want to make use of.

I've tried many things I haven't tried before, in terms of teaching, writing evaluation reports, teaching remotely and preparing more advanced teaching materials.

I've spoken at a conference to teachers, which was a little scary, because I had no idea of their individual levels and if I either would bore them to death or overload them with too much info with the topics I picked.

This all went great to ok. My luck is that people usually give me very honest feedback on the things I do, which enables me to learn from it.

Try to always keep in mind that doing about anything is better than doing nothing.

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