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It was just a nice street shot and one from my countless walks through copenhagen recently. The city has many stories to tell and I'm happy they liked it enough to feature it on their page. I've also started to take more pictures for instagram with my phone again (the Sony Z3), but mainly I put the pictures up that my Canon EOS 6D spits out at me.

I haven't been posting a lot of photography here recently, but that's mainly because I put them straight on either my flickr page or on instagram.

It's not the best way of sharing pictures honestly, at least now landscape and portrait formats are supported. What is great about instagram though is that you easily can find people with similar interests and you can on a coffee break keep up with the amazing visual worlds of some really kick ass photographers.

If you like my shots, you can follow me on instagram, I'm @jonathanmh there, also I'm available for some smaller shoots in the weekends, since I tend to be in Copenhagen then.

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