Geek / Shell humor: kill

I read about the following in a tweet I simply can not find again, but I thought it was too funny and true not to share. The following represents the input and output of a terminal, likely on Linux or similar:

~: $ happiness
happiness: command not found
~: $ love
love: command not found
~: $ kill
kill: usage: kill [-s sigspec | -n signum | -sigspec] pid | jobspec ... or kill -l [sigspec]

Now, why is this funny? For all non-coding people: it basically says that the kill command is the only legit to the system and that it doesn't understand love or happiness. Kill ends a process, it's a little like a hardcore task manager. I think I should write some aliases for happiness that would show how good the system is doing and throw some nice words at the user!

Thank you for reading! If you have any comments, additions or questions, please tweet or toot them at me!