GHOST launched: first impressions

The first public alpha has been released to all GHOST backers right now. While some of the emails still are rolling out, you can access the GHOST launch page, even if you're not a backer and read about what's inside and what shortly will be released to everybody.

Installation of GHOST

Like described in the README, the installation boils down to unpacking a .zip file and running npm install --production and npm start After this you can fire up your browser and login at http://localhost:2368/ghost.

The installation worked like a charm and threw no errors what so ever. You can settings like the ones for host address and port in the config.js file, which I had to do to access it with my smartphone.

First Run of GHOST 0.3 Kerouac

Of course I had to check it out and here's some screenshots for you: The welcome screen:

and here you can see the fantastic split view MarkDown editor:

How responsive is GHOST?

Pretty much. The editor works great on my phone, which is reduced to only one column at a time.

What's still missing?

Multi user support is one of the things that I'm missing the most right now, but that's promised for the future. Sometimes the CSS has some minor flaws, but it's great to see this whole thing in action and I promise to blog more about it! I'm really happy I helped a little bit making this happen through kickstarter and I'm looking forward to more releases and having a look at the code and theming system!

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Thank you for reading! If you have any comments, additions or questions, please tweet or toot them at me!