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Welcome to git in 60 seconds! Git is an open source code management system, which means it will save different versions of your code and make it easier for teams to work together.

The basic idea of Git is to keep track of different versions of code or text, so you easily can compare what has changed, visualised by red and green lines.

Git itself is an open source tool, not to be confused with companies like GitHub or GitLab, who enable you to collaborate and provide great web interfaces. With git commits you can set a sort of checkpoint, like in a video game, that you always can return too.

The core of git is a command line tool, but there are plenty of GUI tools like SourceTree or GitKraken to spare you the typing.

Git supports tags, branches and submodules. Tags typically mark releases, branches maintain versions or are used to develop greater changes in an isolated part of your repository.

Ps: If you want a great overview of git, written in text, check out the following blogpost: Git for Designers — Medium

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