Making of:

This is a short list of posts that describe how we built using Go and Vue.

In the end we just found a bunch of silly excuses like

I don't use Photoshop, it feels like cheating.
I didn't know she was the bride.
and it took the biggest photo blogs on the net by storm, which was quite a surprise to us.

The good thing about humorous things is that you can poke fun at and bring up topics for discussion that otherwise would just remain a hard front between haters, the ignorant and end up harming everyone.

Check out the technical posts below if you want to know how we built it:

  1. Building a Go API with echo and MySQL
  2. Deploying a Go App to Production without Docker
  3. Proxy / Rewrite your API Endpoint into Domain Segment with Nginx
  4. Building a Singe Page App with Vue.js Tutorial
  5. Custom JavaScript Trigger Functions for Google Tag Manager
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