Mental Health Simulation Videos by Katarzyna Napiórkowska

Understanding mental health issues is a struggle for everybody not-affected or not affected in the same way. The super awesome videos by Katarzyna Napiórkowska put you closer to what people experience, because she started a series about different mental health issues.

Recently I checked through some of the video-creators profiles, which is how I found the collection of videos that deserve BY FAR more attention than they've gotten so far.

It's not accurate to call them simulations, but the film-making choices and scripts definitely reflect the stories of people that struggle with the respective disorder.

The mental health issues portrayed in the videos so far are about Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Depression and Obsessive Complusive Disorder (OCD).

LIVING WITH PANIC ATTACKS from Katarzyna Napiórkowska on Vimeo.

LIVING WITH ANXIETY from Katarzyna Napiórkowska on Vimeo.


LIVING WITH DEPRESSION from Katarzyna Napiórkowska on Vimeo.

Also please check out her YouTube

What do you think about the videos? Did you enjoy them? Do you suffer from or do you know anyone who lives with a psychological disorder? Do you approve of the way the videos raise awareness? Let me know in the comments!

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