I need feminism because: Metal T-shirts

I need feminism because of a lot of things, one of them is metal t-shirts.

Technically it's not only metal t-shirts, it's all kinds of shirts, but have you seen logos of metal bands? They basically all look as if you tried to make some kind of evil mandala using a pile bones of around 30 orc corpes. That in itself isn't a problem, but I really don't want anyone, especially women, to feel uncomfortable while my brain tries to make sense of the logo on their chest!

If you want to see a collection of metal logos, check out this website: 31 illegible black metal band logos | NME.COM. (It's really hard!)

I don't wear any logos or branding, only band t-shirts I like or something else with a message apart from the brand, so I'm interested in what other people choose to wear. So when I'm looking at someones chest or tattoo, I'm honestly trying to read it.

I'm not imagining the top or shirt wasn't there, I'm not imagining to have sex with said person and most of all I'm not building up to a silly pick up line.

This all must sound really selfish, but what I actually mean is:

I wish women had more reason to feel comfortable and self-confident to not worry about guys all being creepy and everybody having a hidden agenda.
I rarely compliment people I don't know on their appearance, but sometimes I can't stop saying: Hey, cool shirt! if it's a common cause or an Ingress (game) faction logo or something.

For the men reading this post, please do the following next time you see an attractive woman:

  • try to not say: OMG did you see her?! to your buddies
  • treat them like every other person (which I hope is well)
  • don't look up and down on them as if they were a poster, imagine a man or your boss* in the way you communicate
  • insert any person you respect or see as an equal
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