Physical Location Security (Wild West Hacking Fest Talk)

This year the lady gave me a lock picking set (affiliate link). I've always been interested in security, mostly in the digital space, but also for assets in the real world.

When we got our apartment I was very pleased that the door locks in three places and that the key is two dimensional. Certainly not high security stuff, but at least not kicked down with one swing.

When I talk to other people they usually become uncomfortable or resignated when we look at how easily things can be broken, broken into or exploited. In a way I think that's a mindset issue.

The ones that get uncomfortable usually resort to something like:

These hackers should just stop showing everybody how to break into stuff on YouTube!

which is bullshit.

The people having talks about security in any space just point out insecurities where ever they are found. For software lots of companies and researchers have adopted responsible disclosure.

The real problem is the illusion of safety for measures that are clearly unsafe. This illusion is fed by companies who sell products and services that make them a lot of money, but don't protect their clients in the way that they were advertised.

This talk is a relatively funny and light-hearted approach to the whole topic and illustrates some of the common vulnerabilities in the US, but many can be found in Europe as well:

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