Show the diff(erence) between two files [free GUI client]

When working with code, especially with front end code, you might want to see a diff of two files. Maybe you have a build tool that's doing something with it or just two different versions. The point is: You want to know exactly if two files are the same or just have all the differences listed. I'll just share some of my favourite tools for that.

There are a bunch of great tools and GUI-wise, when my needs are either different or not satisfied by a simple git diff, I tend to use Meld, which is a cross platform and open source diff and merge tool. I mentioned it before, in my post on how to create a git merge conflict.

Another tool, which also is available for both Windows and Linux is Diffuse, which sadly still is hosted on sourceforge, but should work just fine too.

A representative from the QT project corner would be kdiff3 which can be downloaded for Mac, Linux and Windows as well.

If you're exclusively on Windows, you might want to give WinMerge a shot. May your god have mercy on your soul.

What do you use for diffs?

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