Taking Things for Granted

When people ask me how I am, the answer usually is wonderful, which doesn't necessarily reflect the absolute truth, but it does reflect the general picture quite well.

I was lucky to build a life that went beyond of what I would have expected few years ago and certainly goes far beyond my lack of imagination while I was enduring school and studies.

Few days ago I came across a post titled I'm a "highly functional" Autistic. It takes a lot of work., which yet again showed me how many things we take for granted. To us, everything is a sliding scale and it's only supposed to move one way. The way we desire.

Life isn't like that and if you're lucky enough to realise that, you're probably ahead on the happyness curve already.

I use the word lucky because it probably took you a lot of pain or an exceptional pair of parents and early influence to get there. If you understand this without being disabled or diagnosed with a mental illness (diagnosed because if you're highly functional you're probably not doing bad enough to have been sent to a doctor) you're lucky in my eyes.

Everybody struggles with something, but if you look around, you can probably very easily find somebody who struggles more than you at this moment or with life or to create a life for themselves in which they are happy in general. Even if you perceive them as more successful than you or make more money.

Knowing you're lucky also doesn't mean you appreciate your current or general situation at this time, but you do have an internet connection and the time and lack of government firewall to spend it here, which is still ahead of the population on a global scale.

The post by E. Price is both a reminder that you can be happy depending on how you choose to lay out your life and also that you're by default, on average, luckier than most, which is why it's worth sharing to me.

Don't forget to check out I'm a "highly functional" Autistic. It takes a lot of work..

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