Watched: Wonder Woman

I watched Wonder Woman and even though it's kinda predictable action and Hollywood stuff, it was a pretty good!

Obviously there was a lot of hype around the movie and the fact that it had a female protagonist, that's not why you should watch the movie though. It's important that the film exists because it culturally teaches girls that super heroines are a thing!

The backstory in the beginning was great and almost Lord of the Rings like. The war setting was a bit like for Captain America: Winter Soldier.

For the female protagonist the naivety was a bit annoying, but it made perfect sense for her character (next please a nerdy and successful woman! ;)). How the movie picks on the role of women in the past and how they were not allowed in many parts of society was strictly brilliant.

I'm very happy the movie got a lot of attention and a huge (also financial) success.

Also: if you have watched it, did you even think about that it was women and not men fighting when you saw the movie? If I had just seen the movie without reading a lot of feminist opinions on it, I would not have paid attention to that at all, it would just have been a good super hero movie.

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