A quick list of projects I’ve worked on for work, fun, friends or pay in the past years.


JavaScript is probably the language I write the most. Since I’ve gotten into node.js I’m also comfortable using it on the backend, especially for API driven sites.


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A Momentum Dash clone in Angular.js.

Type Cap

javascript-capture-keystrokeView Demo | View Source

Capturing every keystroke a user makes, to play them back 1:1 with content and time. I’m currently working on making this a pastebin like service.

React GitHub User


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A quick demo on how to use facebook’s react to create elements and populate them with data from an API request. The data plotted in from the API request are marked in yellow.

Every Image (with <canvas>)


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A quick example of how to randomly generate every possible image in a certain resolution, scaled for retro effect.

Inspired by: Exhibition Uses a Computer to Generate Every Possible Photograph where an artist uses old camera screens to automatically generate every possible grey scale photograph that could exist on 16 by 16 pixels.



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JavaScript online password generator with a Fisher Yates Shuffle for the range of allowed characters before they are picked by random to increase entropy.

PHP / WordPress

I find WordPress a very user friendly choice for many sites that are meant to be maintained by a non-coding user.



Update: We wrote a GHOST theme for, but you can see how we did the super fast static site in the following blog post: How to get a high score on Pagespeed Insights (and make your site fast)


I co-created the page for our fellow photo studio (in our living room ;)). is currently built as a tiny and statically generated site with gulp, handlebars and sass. We focused on mobile visitors and watched out for file size of pictures and overall page size.

Videography / Photography

My videography experience includes capturing events and making product videos and company prensentationals.

Model: Gitte Damgaard Tjørnelund, MUA: Christina Heitmann

See some examples here:

For my photography, have a look at my flickr account or stop my

Others (Let’s Plays and Podcasts)

I also have two other blogs in German and a Podcast that doesn’t get too much attention, with my mate Mikkel I’m also doing Let’s Play videos on YouTube once in a while for Unganked where we have ~30.000 views.