Quick Tip: Keep ‘Find Next Word’ with Vim Mode

A common annoyance when setting up atom on a new machine is that one of my favourite packages, vim-mode-plus keeps overriding a native setting, that I want to use. The nice select the next occurence of this word or variable feature is overridden by vim-mode-plus:scroll-half-screen-down, which honestly isn’t that useful at all.

All you need to do to revert the plugin from occupying a key binding is to open your keymap.cson and to insert the following:

    'ctrl-d': 'native!'

Another good point for me for choosing atom as my primary editor is that I can keep my keymap.cson file and just pop it in when I’m working on a new machine, which I of course tend to forget 😉

This feature is gold when you realise that 5 minutes ago you’ve been stupid at naming a variable or you have a change where you need to change a couple of things, but not all of a thing in a file.

PS: YES! That’s also common when copy & pasting parts of a table or of a loop. Stop judging 😉

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